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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do you charge?

Our 2023 prices start from £1199 for our 3 piece band. Please get in touch using the contact form and we'll be able to give you a more accurate quote depending on your requirements. 

How long does setup take?

It usually takes us around 40-50 minutes depending on venue access, the last 10 minutes of which will include a quick soundcheck to get the levels right. Our acoustic setups take much less, usually around 20 minutes or so.

Can we pick the setlist?

It’s best to check that we play the kind of music that you’d like at your wedding before you book as we pick our setlist on the night according to the crowd in front of us in order to maximise the number of people on the dance floor. We’re very experienced wedding performers so we know what works! If you’d like to pick the tracks for the playlist, that’s absolutely fine but we don’t let people choose our set list.

Do we need to hire any PA or lighting for you?

All of our packages include a high quality PA setup and lighting to cover the stage and dancefloor, up to around 300 people. Please let us know if it's a bigger event as we'll need to plan accordingly!

What Kind Of Power Do You Need?

We need 4 13amp (standard) plug sockets relatively close by to the stage area and we draw approx 4kW of power. Please let us know if power is an issue as soon as possible, as we can bring super long extension leads!

Can you work with sound limiters?

Yes! Please just let us know as soon as possible and we can plan our setup accordingly. We use a high quality electric kit for such occasions, and we use in ear monitors to reduce stage volume. Check out this blog post for a full rundown!

Is everything insured?

We've got Public Liability Insurance (sometimes shortened to 'PLI') of up to £10 million for peace of mind. It's usually a requirement for most venues and is updated every year.

Do you have PAT certificates?

We have our equipment PAT tested every year and cerificates can be sent across upon request!

Do you take requests?

We can download any reuqests for our free playlist service for in between sets, and we're happy to learn either a special song or first dance for the evening, as long as it suits our lineup. We can download as many requests as you'd like for the playlist service and we offer manned DJ (allowing guests to make requests on the night) and Full Dj services as add-ons to your package.

How far do you travel?

We're happy to travel to wherever you'd like us! Travel is included within 90 minutes of Chester, anything outside of this will incur travel and accomodation fees. Please get in touch for the most accurate quote!

Do I need a music licence to book you?

The short answer is no, you don't need to worry about any licences or anything when booking us. Please check out this blog post for more information on licenses etc!

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