3 Reasons Why Playing in The Pedal Tones is Awesome!

Updated: Jan 6

Just a short little post today about why we are so lucky to have one of the best jobs in the world (in our humble opinion!)

1) The range of music we get to play

When we play at weddings, we’ve to played everything from Take That, Black Stone Cherry and Justin Timberlake. We’ve played music from across the decades, we don’t just play Soul Music or disco, it’s a real mix for us at every wedding.

Plus, with couples asking us to learn certain tunes, it really helps keep us on our toes. A couple of weeks ago we played a wedding where we learnt at least a dozen relatively difficult tunes in short space of time, but the reward was well worth it! Not only were the bride and groom thrilled, but it really pushed us as musicians and kept us on our toes!

2) Seeing the dancefloor fill up

Our job is keep your dancefloor full, playing the tunes that you love. Seeing a dancefloor literally flooded with guests and staying full all night is an incredibly rewarding experience. How many other jobs are out there that give you such a clear and immediate response to what you do?

3) The best reason of all- joy!

Weddings are joyous occasions- how many other jobs are there where you get to work on the happiest day of someone’s life, and then help them become even happier with what you do?

A lot of weight rests on our shoulders when it comes to performing for on the wedding day, so we take pride in our planning and customer service. We’re super focused on making sure the details are all in place in advance of your big day- there’s no excuse for anything going wrong. But, we know to bring out the fun for the performance- if you’re happy, then we’re happy!

Performing in a professional wedding band is a pretty unique occupation and we’re very grateful for it and We never take for granted how lucky we are to be chosen for your big day.

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