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Updated: Jan 6

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So, we're not just a quirky covers band in the North West that play banging tunes and rock out in the evening! We also offer acoustic sets as well to keep your guests chilled, entertained and warm them up for a big night ahead! This blog post will explain what me (Tony) and Tom (left of photo) can do for you with our 6 stringed wood blocks.

Firstly, it's always nice to have some background music whether its the daytime at a wedding, a corporate drinks reception or even a swanky meal! You don't want the full rock band playing whilst your eating a canapé! Or maybe you do, which is awesome, but most people would like some smooth guitar to create a relaxed atmosphere. What we provide here is just that, me and Tom will bring our speakers and whenever you require in your big day we will be in the background playing our tunes. We have thought long and hard about the songs in which we play at this point so rest assured that we'll play appropriate acoustic arrangements. I have also played acoustic music during the actual wedding ceremony, walking down the aisle, signing the register and then back down the aisle taking your first steps as a married couple. Here's everything we can do at your wedding!



Of course playing the ceremony involves a lot more pressure, but, we thrive off high pressure situations and that's when we are at our best, just like when chefs go into a busy service they normally cook better! We will learn the song you want to walk down the aisle to, whether it be Canon in D, Ben Howard or even Mcfly (yes we've done it). This is the most important part of the day, you walking down the aisle, your partner waiting for you at the end and we understand that we need to play at our best for this moment. This is why we will also send you a recording of the ceremony songs for your approval before the big day. Anything you need, we're here.

Drinks Reception

This is the part of the day where you've said your 'I do's' and its time to mingle with your guests and take some memorable photos. During this time a lot of your guests will be sat down, possibly a little bit awkward as they don't really know many people or need a few more drinks in them. With us playing during this part it relaxes people and makes them more at ease as we can be a talking point or a conversation starter. We'll play to your guests and if they want to requests certain songs and we know it - we'll play it for them. It really just helps the day run a little smoother and cuts out the period in the day when your guests are thinking about the wedding breakfast.

Wedding breakfast

Your guests are all sitting down with empty stomachs forgetting what they've ordered, finding their seats and looking forward to the best mans speech (always a cracker). We can accompany this meal with more acoustic music. This is similar to having a pianist playing during the meal, creating background music and not being too intrusive. We'll play quietly to your guests as they munch down their starter! Some venues we've played don't have microphones for the speeches and sadly some people at the back of the room cannot hear what's being said. If we play during the meal we are more than happy to let you use our microphones so that nothing is missed. Whilst we have a break before the evening or whenever we have our break from our sets we will also provide an acoustic playlist through our speakers, this means there is no dead silence during your whole day. I know, we're just quality people aren't we!

So that's it, that's what our acoustic duo can do during your big day, you can slot us in wherever you need us and we'll be more than happy to play for you. This helps us get to know your guests during the day and gets them on our side for the big band set later on. Maybe your auntie Sally will get up and sing a number with us, who knows. We love music and having us play all day is just a joy for us. Thank you for reading this blog and we look forward to seeing you!


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