COVID-19 and How We're Handling It

Updated: Jan 6

Firstly I'd just like to say that our thoughts go to everyone of our couples who have had to postpone or even cancel their wedding due to this global pandemic. We understand there is so much planning and preparation that goes into a wedding and the thought of having to postpone it must be heartbreaking. We have contacted everyone up until August about what we can do to help as we are hoping we can still gig in that month.

It's hit us hard and we were not expecting this lockdown to go on for so long. This is our sole income and to have that taken away has left us looking at the government for help in which we have received some. Some couples have offered to pay their balance early and to those we thank you so much and we also understand that some couples are not in the financial situation to do so because of the current climate.

We are still practicing our instruments and ensuring that the first gig back (which is looking like our drummer's wedding) will be just as good as when we had to stop. Music runs through us and we cannot let that slip when we have so many bookings waiting for us to bring the party. Trust us when we say, The Pedal Tones will be back in full force and ready to bring a raving atmosphere unlike before! This time has given us an opportunity to look towards the future and how we, as a business, can improve our service and offer our clients more options for their big day. This is still in its early stage but we will update you all with this as things progress/we can start playing again.

Here at Pedal Tones HQ we want to say that we are available for a chat at any time, if you have any concerns regarding your booking then please don't hesitate to call! We are here to work with you. Our reviews show that customer service is our number 1 priority which is why we have managed to grow so quickly in the 2 years we have been in business. Our goal is to become THE wedding band to book in the north west and the UK ... If the calendar allows!

We miss you, we want to be playing for you and your guests and I speak for the whole band when I say, we will bring the party! Stay safe and we look forward to every single booking, sharing the dance floor, rocking out and putting a smile on everyone's face young and old.

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