How it all began!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Hey, this is our first ever blog post, whaaaaat! So we don't really now how this works but we'll be updating our blog once a week to let you guys now what we've been up to and also... Wait... How small is our bass players arm!? Sorry got side tracked. In this first post I want to let you guys know how this band all started and what we did to get the ball rolling.

Tony (me) and Tom have been friends for years and always helped each other out gigging with other bands, passing teaching work on to one another, and drinking together. Whilst doing one of these (drinking) I said to Tom 'Why don't we just start a band, run it ourselves and play tunes we love?' to which Tom responded 'We could, or we could have another beer?!'. These sessions went on until eventually we spoke about this idea sober and picked a day to go over everything. We both sat down and went through what we'd need to do to get a professional wedding band started. Speakers, cables, mixing desk, transport, insurance, legal documents, informing HMRC and a bunch of other expensive stuff. We had quite a shock when we worked out it would cost around £3,000-£4,000 to get everything in place. I'd be lying if I thought we should stop and carry on doing what we were doing before.

So as you can tell we went along with it, we found our drummer, Mr Ben Matthews and we got a setlist together. We forgot that after doing everything else, we would then have to actually rehearse and play songs. Again, I'd be lying if I said the first rehearsal went smoothly... if you were a professional musician you would have walked out of that room in a heartbeat, but we persevered, found our strengths sonically and went forward with the setlist we planned. 3 rehearsals in and we were sounding gig ready, not wedding ready but definitely 'your local pub' ready! We played our first gig at the student union bar in Chester and I'm happy to say it went really well. We carried on gigging our setlist, taking out songs, adding songs and getting very tight as a band.

We got to a stage where we thought, let's do it! Let's play a wedding show and see if potential brides will enjoy what we do. We booked ourselves into the biggest wedding show in Liverpool, The Liverpool Wedding Show. We didn't just jump in at the deep end, we cannon-balled straight into the Niagara Falls!!! I personally have done this show before with other bands so I knew what to expect, but for the other two (they won't mind me saying!) it was very overwhelming. They handled it like pros though and we had such an epic weekend and got a lot of wedding bookings. We were thrilled and booked ourselves into many more shows.

This last year has been incredible for us and we can't believe how many bookings we have and how many enquiries are coming in for us! We are so humbled by all the work and can't thank you guys enough! We love what we do and are always thinking of new ways to add more value when you book us. On behalf of the whole band I want to say, you guys rock and hope you enjoy following our journey just as much as we enjoy doing it!| Tony

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