Setlists, songs and your big day!

Choosing a setlist for your big day

Here at The Pedal Tones, we’re big believers that every wedding is unique, so why should our setlist be the same every night? This blog should help you with a few key pointers to help you plan the live music for your big day!

Starting off

We encourage couples who book us to look through our setlist a couple of weeks in advance to make sure we’ve got your favourite songs covered. And, if there’s any songs that are really special that aren’t on our setlist, we’re happy to have a go at learning them, including your first dance! We’ve played lots of weddings over the last couple of years where we’ve played requests, and there’s no limit to what we’re prepared to cover. We’ve played songs from artists such as Take That, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Cheap Trick and Paolo Nutini. Basically, if we can play it as a 3 piece band, we’ll have a go at it!

First dances

We’re more than happy to play your first dance, and we’re always honoured when we’re asked to play the music for this special occasion. With this, we require a little more notice than usual, usually 3 or 4 weeks before your big day, as we’ll need time to sort out the arrangement and rehearse it as much as possible! We always want to make sure you’re happy with our arrangement of your song, therefore, we’ll always send you a recording of us playing it before your big day. If there’s any changes to that need to made, we can amend them. If you don’t like our arrangement for whatever reason, or you don’t want us to play it, don’t worry, we won’t be offended! Just let us know and we’ll get the song downloaded for you if you’re using our playlist service, or if you’ve got a seperate DJ we can let them know as well.

Special requests- Songs from outside our repertoire

We’re always happy to learn some songs from outside our usual repertoire. Music is a really important part of your big day and we want to include the songs that are special for couples. If we’re able to play it a 3 piece band, we’ll definitely have a go! There are some factors that can limit us on this front, however. Some songs are really hard to sing, and as much as we love a challenge, there’s some songs that are out of our natural registers. Also, sometimes songs have a lot of parts going on, meaning that when we come to play it as a band it can end up sounding rather empty. We’ll review any song requests with you before the big day and let you know if there’s anything we don’t think we can play. Just like with first dances, if there’s anything we can’t do we’ll make sure to download it onto our playlist, or get in contact with the DJ.

Making sure everything flows nicely

The key to making a good setlist is making sure everything flows nicely. For example, you don’t want always want to be starting the night off with loads of high-energy anthemic tunes, good setlists need somewhere to build to. We’ll get you to send over your requests a few weeks before your big day, and walk you through everything, providing help and advice with the setlist. If we’re playing multiple sets we’ll also advise the best places to put songs in the different sets. We’ve had years of experience ordering setlists and making sure they flow, even if it’s songs we might not be familiar with until we learn them.


Acoustic Music

With our acoustic duo, we also have the option of learning songs for your ceremony, if you choose to have us for this part of the day. We can learn or suggest some songs for as you’re signing the register, walking down the aisle, or walking back down the aisle. After this, we can then provide music for your wedding breakfast or entertain your guests whilst you’re having your photographs taken. Similar to music for the evening, there are certain limitations as to what we can play or sing. Please feel free to get in touch if you require anything specific!


The best times for live music!

We’re always flexible with when we play our sets, however, we almost always find with the evening portion of music, the later we go on, the better. This is because your guests will have had chance to have some food, a drink and a catch up, and get in the party mood! Typically we start our first set between 9:30pm and 10pm, as by this time, guests will have all arrived and had a bite to eat. If we’re playing your first dance, we find playing a short set along with your first dance works well, as this is usually earlier than 9:30pm. We can then get the party going after the buffet! This just a rough idea, however, and if you need or want us to play at different times to the ones suggested here, please let us know!


Final thoughts

We hope this blog has helped with planning the live music for your big day. Music is such an important part of any wedding, and we’re happy to help out in any way we can. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Tom

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