Summer Options!

Updated: Nov 14

First of all, we’d just like to wish you all well in the midst of this coronavirus madness! It’s been a weird time for everyone and we all hope you are doing well. We’d also like to thank you all for the support, kind messages and understanding we’ve had over the last few months whilst we’ve moved and rearranged existing bookings in order to accommodate everyone. We feel very lucky to have such lovely clients!

We’re very excited at the fact that we’re now able to perform at small weddings, events and private parties and we thought we’d let you know about a few of the options that we have available for the summer and autumn months. We have social distancing measures and various line ups for whatever sort of event you guys would like us to play at, which I’ll go into a little more detail below!

Solo singer/guitarist

Having a small BBQ or wedding reception for your event? Tony can add some chilled background music or an upbeat acoustic set depending on what you need! He can also bring a portable speaker (perfect for garden parties!) so there’s less need to worry about space and power outside.

Acoustic duo

This option is suitable for slightly larger parties/open spaces but we can again add the live element to your event! Our duo can provide relaxed and easy-going live lounge type music or ramp up the tempo for an evening party! We can provide different equipment setups to fill various spaces and sizes and with this option we can also provide a free background playlist for when we’re not playing.

Acoustic trio

Looking for more of a Mumford and Sons style band? We can bring Jon along with his cajon to provide more of a party vibe and Tom can bring his ridiculously sized bass for an adventure! Obviously with the three of us we may need a little more space and power but we have different equipment available depending on your needs.

Full band

This is entirely depending on how much space you have available but we would love to bring out the full band setup to rock the party! We’re happy to play under a marquee or indoors as long as the space is there to make sure we can adhere to social distancing measures.

If you have any questions about any of the line up options please don’t hesitate to get in touch- drop us an email or a message on any of our social media pages! We’re more than happy to do video calls or site visits if you’re unsure of what sort of space we might need to provide the music for your event.

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