The Pedal Goals!!!

Updated: Jan 6

Goals? Targets? Objectives? Yes, we have them and let me tell you all about how we plan to take over the world! Or just get loads and loads of gigs! Obviously we love playing and seeing you guys dance and have a good time, which is why we feel our end goal will be so beneficial for all future events we play. I'll explain our goals for the business and show you that we aren't just musicians but business minded folk forming a long successful career.

So our first year has been a success, we've smashed the weddings, played more than 50 gigs this year (27 being weddings) and cannot wait for 2019! Me and Tom have been talking and want to know how we can make this a sustainable career for the future. Many ideas were flown around, creating an agency, going into accounting for bands and all sorts. But that wouldn't be fun for us, so we agreed that the best idea would be to set up new bands, across the country. We can get quality musicians in, help them find work in the wedding industry and give musicians a wage they can live on! But how are we going to do this?

Firstly, we haven't tried this yet so it could all go down hill, they'll be many walls we'll need to smash down and we're ready for them. In our third year of business we want to start the expansion, starting in the Midlands area. We'll find like minded muso's who love playing pop and indie and set up a Pedal Clone. With the formula we've done for our band we'll get a quality photoshoot done, high quality videos and get everything in place for the band to look and sound professional! We'll do all the big wedding shows, get the right equipment for them if needed and show the Midlands that we can provide high quality entertainment.

Now, please don't start thinking that we'll do this to the OG Pedal Tones, we'll still be the same members and make sure you've booked the band that you've heard, seen and spoken to for your big event. This band will be one band, which could be seen as a business downfall as we could send different versions of The Pedal Tones out in one night but that isn't what you guys have booked. So don't worry, we're staying the same in the northwest!

Another problem I can see with this idea is that I don't want people to think they are booking certain members and be disappointed. So what we'll do is be very transparent with that band. We'll tell brides that they are booking high quality musicians, who'll play the songs they love and are all professionals! I know of a few bands that do this and have been extremely successful with it! What's positive about this is that we aren't restricted to the size of the band, at the moment we have to turn down gigs where the client would prefer an 8 piece Motown band, even though we could all play that type of music, it doesn't sound the same with a 3 piece! With the new band we can say to the client, the possibilities are endless, the band can be a rocking 3 piece or a jazzy, grooving 8 piece! Play it for me Stevie!

It's an exciting idea and one that I believe can be done well if we do our research and set out a thorough business plan! If this all goes well we shall then delve into different regions of the uk utilising the same plan making our clients happy and also feeling like we're achieving something, that, well, I don't think many musicians would even think about attempting. We will always have The Pedal Tones as our little baby and of course always be in the band. We just want to expand the business and move forwards in our personal goals as well the business'.


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