Why choose The Pedal Tones?!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

So there's a lot of bands out there claiming to be 'the best wedding band' and this is obviously just something bands say to grab your attention. We don't really do this because we want you to see this for yourself and to look around at all the different bands out there. As a north west wedding band we pride ourselves on showing you why we should play your wedding. We recommend you come to a public gig or wedding show and see for yourselves that we are the band for you! Weddings not in the north west? Don't worry, we'll travel anywhere!

Firstly what we pride ourselves on is the energy we give at our shows, bouncing up and down on stage, going into the crowd, engaging with your guests and also staying for a chat at the end if you choose to come and talk to us. I know many bands (I've gigged in them) that want to pack away as soon as they're done and just want to get home. This feels too much like a job to us so we want to make sure everything went ok, make sure you're happy and actually get a chance to talk to you in person if you haven't seen us play. Without you booking us we wouldn't be in work and for this we are extremely grateful!

So you have a favourite song, favourite artist and wonder if we'll play it or charge more to learn it?! We're professional musicians and for us learning songs is a joy! We don't charge extra to learn songs as you're already spending a lot to have us play in the first place. We've learnt many songs for our couples before including Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Royal Blood and even Take That!!!

We're a friendly bunch and for this reason we know a lot of different suppliers we can recommend for your big day, such as the venue, photographer, caterer and so much more. We're happy to help out at any point during your wedding planning and will advise on what we've seen at weddings and what has worked well. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and we understand that, this is a business but we pride ourselves on the personal touch we give to your day. You are our boss and we will listen to what you say (within reason!).

Here at Pedal Tones HQ we want to make your event the best it can be, you guys are the star of the show and we're the crew doing what we can to make your day shine!

Thanks for reading our second blog, we will give more tips and advice on weddings where we can. Keep on rocking!


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