Tony Hassall Guitar

Tony Hassall Guitar from The Pedal Tones
Tony Hassall Guitar on a beach. Wedding

Hello, HELLO! Welcome to my little profile on this website! Why should you book me and not the other 1,000+ musicians out there? Well let me explain ...

I pride myself on my professionalism and being absolutely hilarious, ask my girlfriend (not when she's hungry though, bad move). I've been playing professionally for over 7 years on my own and with various wedding bands. I've learnt all sorts from Ed Sheeran to Ja Ja Ding Dong, from Mr Brightside to Baby Shark (yeh, not the highlight of my career, let's move on)

Weddings are magical to me, like genuinely, seeing the love between the couple is so very heart warming! Being apart of that special day and being able to add my skills is actually an honour. I'll play as you come down the aisle, sign the register and make your way back down again as the happy couple. I can then WOW your guests with my good looks, I mean guitar playing whilst you have your pictures taken. This is then extended (I know, i'm so nice) to the wedding breakfast where I can play an additional set. 

Not a wedding? Not a problem, I'm more than happy to play some acoustic background music for any event! Corporate dinner, Award Ceremonies, romantic picnic under the stars, engagements, team building exercises or penthouse suite parties at the Shangri-La Hotel. Seriously, I'm your man! 

But Tony, I don't want my wedding/event in the UK! Have no fear, I'm more than happy to travel anywhere in the world to play for you! I've played in Brazil, France, ROI and Crewe ... Told you I was funny!