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Typical Set-up

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a typical set-up. However not all events are the

same and if your event has particular needs then please get in touch



Normally we will contact the venue before your event to ensure they know we’re coming and

give them any necessary information that they might need and vice-versa. This ensures that

your event runs as smoothly as possible and there is no hidden stress caused for the day!


Upon our arrival we will liaise with the event manager or whoever is in charge regarding the

evening’s proceedings.

We will then proceed to load in and set up our equipment. This usually takes an hour and we aim to

be as quick and discreet as possible. 15 minutes of our setup time will include a soundcheck

to test the equipment and get the best possible sound for your venue.

We are happy to arrive early and ensure everything is setup before your event is due to start

or before your guests arrive, but please note we charge an early setup fee before 6pm.


After everything is setup and ready for the event, we will put on background music (if requested) and move out of the way until we are required to perform. This is normally when the band would need feeding before we play, We need to be fuelled to give our best performance.

First set

We typically perform 2 x 45 minute sets but we can do up to 2 x 1 hour sets upon request, we will provide you with music through the PA system (You can get in touch to provide us with a specific playlist if you like!) and take a short break, usually around 30 minutes. We recommend that we go on after the buffet and later in the night to ensure the best atmosphere.

Second set

Our second set will again last around 45 minutes. If we have finished our second set before midnight, we will provide music until 12pm unless you’ve selected the later finish upgrade (subject to the venue’s licencing). After our contracted finish time, we will pack down our gear as quickly and discreetly as possible, which usually takes around 60 minutes.


07989 689276

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