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Folk Band

Looking for some of that Mumford and Sons inspired festival flavour? Our sound limiter folk band brings bags of it. We've got all sorts of different configuarations to suit whatever part of the day you'd like us bring the soundtrack to!

Cajon, double bass, and acoustic guitar

Looking for a unique and relaxed way to entertain your guests?

 This is the perfect setup for a chilled out drinks reception with live lounge style covers of your favorite party hits.

Plus, if you have a sound limiter at your venue, this is a great way to bring live music to your evening party while keeping the volume a bit lower.

Acoustic drumkit, double bass, and acoustic guitar


This lineup brings even more energy and is perfect for the evening's party. We can perform with our folk lineup all night, or we can adjust one of the sets to be a folk band set. This means you can hear all your favourite party hits later on in the night whilst having something a bit different for your the start of the party! 

4 piece folk lineup


You can choose to add another guitarist/singer to the mix, meaning a full sound and even more songs available, or why not add a sax player for added party flavour? The choice is yours! Having the sax player means it's also even easier to add in high energy ibiza style sax in-between our sets too!

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