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5 Awesome Wedding Venues for bands in Cheshire!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Today we thought we'd give a shout-out to some of our favourite rustic barn venues in Cheshire! We've played at all of these awesome venues over the last few years and thought this would be a helpful guide to anyone who's looking for an awesome place for a wedding band to play at (we'd be honoured if you chose us!) and in no particular order, as we love them all!


Sandhole Oak Barn, Congleton, Cheshire

This stunning venue is just outside of Congleton in the Cheshire plains, with stunning views across the peaceful lake and surrounding greenery. It's one of our favorites to play and looks amazing all year round. The venue does have a sound limiter, but with our electric drumkit and ampless setup, we've never had any problems at all!


The Oak Tree of Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire

The Oak Tree of Peover is an amazing, oak framed wedding venue just outside of the wonderful town of Knutsford. The venue is has stunning countryside views and has a really magical feel to it. It's awesome for acoustic music in the daytime in the magical rooms as well as being fantastic for a party at night!


Pryor Hayes Golf Club, Hatton Heath, Cheshire

Located just a short 20 minute drive away from the center of Chester, Pryor Hayes is the perfect location for a party! Offering more stunning views, a scenic backdrop across the golf course and plenty of space for a party, this is a great venue for a band! Just to be aware, this venue again has a sound limiter but it's not a problem for us with our ampless setup and electric kit!


Heaton House Farm Wedding Venue, Maccesfield, Cheshire

Stunning barn rooms, scenic views, and an awesome stage for your band - what more could you want!? This awesome venue is only a short drive outside of Maccesfield and is another one of those lucky places that looks amazing regardless of the time of year! (And did we mention there's a stage? We love a good stage!)

Colshaw Hall Country Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire

Located just outside of Knutsford, we always look forward to playing here! It's got everything you could possibly want - stunning views, amazing lighting and awesome hospitality, and to top it off, a stage! (Can you tell we like stages?) This venue is awesome to play - it really feels like a concert gig with the stage area and is great for when people are ready for the party!


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