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Beginners Guide To Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

This beginners guide to choosing a wedding videographer was written to help newly engaged couples get an idea of where to start and how to choose the right one.

Your wedding is one of the most special moments in your life. You get to spend all day with your loved ones and say I do to your significant other. This is why you should choose the best videographer for you. You want them capturing everything and telling not just the story of the day, but your love story in general. With there being so many videographers out there it can be a minefield to find the right one.

To get you started Tony Hassall Films has written a beginners guide to help show you the path to your perfect wedding videographer.

Where To Start?!

Like anything new it’s hard to know where to start and also to know what it is you’re even looking for. You know you need a wedding videographer but which one, what do they offer and how much do they charge?

Start with options. There are plenty of sites that have a whole host of suppliers on their site you can have a look through. Rock My Wedding is a good place to start. You can ask wedding videographers what packages they offer so you can see what it is you’ll be paying for.


If you know the rough amount you’re willing to spend on a wedding videographer then you can start filtering through the options and seeing what is in your budget. For the best experience I would spend good money on this because if you get the right wedding film, it’ll be priceless.

What’s Next?

Review the style

By now you may have noticed different wedding videographers have different styles when it comes to their wedding films. Some may be very cinematic, dark, moody and really going for the Hollywood wow factor. Some may just be a glorified music video with no audio from the day over the top of the film. This includes speeches, ceremony or just funny things that happen on the day. Going through the styles helps you sieve through the suppliers.


This will be a big one and will also affect the pricing of said videographer. The more experience the wedding videographer has, the more likely they are to give you the best possible wedding film. They will bring the right equipment for your day and have back ups in case any issues arise. They will understand the order of the day and they should be approachable and get on with the rest of the suppliers. Inexperienced wedding videographers may be cheaper but it could come with less equipment, less knowledge on weddings and might not get you the best film. You may get lucky though and find someone new who is up and coming and will give you an incredible wedding film at a low cost as they’re just getting into weddings.


I’m not saying research cameras, audio devices and professional lights. However, it is worth listening to the wedding films and seeing if you can hear everyone clearly if someone is speaking. Seeing if they have multiple angles for ceremony/speeches. Is the lighting good for the reception. Is the videographer inexperienced and shining a powerful light in people’s faces? I’ve seen this happen and the guests are not a fan! Go through their portfolio with a fine tooth pick to ensure you’ll get the best!

Advice from me

Price doesn’t = Quality

As the wedding videography world gets more saturated, people have seen they can up their prices a little/a lot. Make sure they are actually worth the price before booking. Look at their work and compare it to other peoples work. Price isn’t everything so be careful of cheeky suppliers upping their price just because they can.(looking at you wedding photographers going into film haha)


You may really like someones work, and that’s great! However, remember you’re spending a lot of money here and going with the first person you see may not be worthwhile in the long run. You may see someone else down the line who you much prefer, so be patient. It’s all very exciting booking a wedding videographer but please take your time. It’ll be worth it when your wedding is over and you look back at the film knowing you made the right choice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this beginners guide to choosing a wedding videographer. Please feel free to look through my website if you're looking for a Cheshire wedding videographer and see if I’m the right fit for you.

I also highly recommend The Pedal Tones for your evening entertainment!

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