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Top 4 reasons to book a sax player - guest post from Saxophonique!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Today’s post is a guest post from the wonderfully talented Cat from Saxophonique! She’s going to be talking you through a few reasons why you should consider booking a sax player (as well as us as your live band ;))

Saxophonique playing alongside The Pedal Tones at Merrydale Manor

If you’re looking to book a sax player alongside our band services, why not check out this page for more information? And if you’re already booked in with us, and would like to add a sax player in between our sets at any point - please get in touch! Sax players can get booked up very fast, as they’re proving to be a huge hit for weddings for this year and beyond!

Anyway - here’s the article from Cat!

Hi! My name is Cat- better known as Saxophonique! I bring the energy and the sparkle to your party! Today I thought I would break down the top 4 reasons why you should book a sax player for your wedding or event!

1.) The Saxophone is something a little bit different for your wedding

A big search term that is common across wedding entertainment is ‘different’ or ‘unique.’ Lots of couples are looking for ways to make their day a memorable occasion for their guests, something they will take away and remember for years to come. The saxophone is a beautiful and gorgeous sounding instrument (if I do say so myself!) and is a fantastic way to get your guests talking about your wedding entertainment for years to come!

2.) The saxophone is super portable!

One of the appealing characteristics of the sax is the fact that you can carry it around almost anywhere. This means it can be really flexible as to where it’s played, and means you can literally have the saxophone for any part of your wedding day!

You can have a saxophonist play you down the aisle or provide the background music whilst you sign the register. Or you could have a sax player to entertain your guests as part of the drinks reception or wedding breakfast! And if you’re looking for a way to keep your guests on the dancefloor in between your band sets, the saxophone is a great choice!

3.) With the sax, there’s something for all ages and tastes!

Saxophones work in such a huge range of different genres, including pop, jazz, soul, motown and R’n’B - meaning that there’s something for everyone. You could have a jazzy drinks reception with a sax player playing relaxing chilled out versions of your favourite songs, or have instrumental sax covers of your favourite tunes during the wedding breakfast.

The saxophone also works really well alongside DJs for the evening’s party, and this is one of the most common packages. It’s a great way to keep guests on the dancefloor in between your band’s sets.

The sax also covers some genres that bands don’t usually cover - and vice versa. This is great if you and your partner might have some contrasting music tastes - as the band can take care of more ‘indie’ tastes and the sax can cater towards more towards dance and r’n’b and ibiza classics!

Saxophonique playing at the double tree Chester

4.) Saxophone can be added to bands for the best experience!

I love performing as part of a band too - this is another reason why I love playing the saxophone and why it’s so versatile! I particularly enjoying joining The Pedal Tones alongside their folk band lineups and then taking care of the DJ sax music in between - it’s a really great way to cover a huge range of music tastes and styles!

If you’d like to find out more, please head over to my website to found out more about what I offer - and I’m always happy to check availability alongside The Pedal Tones, too!

Thanks to Cat for today’s guest blog - she’s the sax player we usually recommend as she’s awesome - although we can provide other saxes - just remember to let us know as soon as possible as saxophone players are always in high demand!

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