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How to Book a Wedding Band: Your First Steps

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

With hundreds of options, it's difficult to decide which wedding band to book. Particularly when all the bands specialize in different genres or styles and have varying methods of providing music for your big day.

If you only hire a live wedding band once in your lifetime, then you must make the right decision during the booking stage.

Planning a wedding is no small feat, and there are a million things to take care of: booking your venue, sourcing other suppliers, organizing your ceremony, and more.

Although it may seem complicated to book a wedding band, we're here to help make the process of hiring musical acts for weddings as easy as possible!

No two bands are alike!

Your relationship is unique, so why shouldn't your wedding band be?

If you want your evening to be unforgettable, while staying true to you and your partner's style and personality, then you need to ensure that the band shares those same values. Find a group you connect with on a personal and musical level.

the pedal tones playing a wedding in shropshire

What type of band should I pick for my wedding?

A band that wants to get the wedding guests pumped might stage a 'mini rock concert', playing music with such a huge sound that everyone will go crazy and dance like there's no tomorrow.

So many couples want to feel like they're at a live concert on their wedding day. Hearing your favorite songs played live by a band creates a one-of-a-kind buzz that is incomparable to anything else. True music lovers will know exactly what we mean!

bride singing along at a wedding in cheshire

For a more lively wedding, consider hiring a live band that plays familiar pop covers that will get the crowd moving and dancing. If you're planning a more laid-back event, some bands can provide background music. These sorts of bands could have smaller lineups or more acoustic, folk-type bands playing well-known covers and arrangements of pop songs.

The beauty of choosing The Pedal Tones as your wedding band is our versatility. Not only are we experienced at performing lively rock sets, but we can also get the dance floor moving with pop covers or provide an acoustic folk band, too. And whether you're looking to book us for a daytime event or wedding ceremony, we've got you covered!

With that all in mind, a good place to start your search is by looking at live bands’ setlists, song repertoire, and videos. This will give you an idea of what songs they play and in what style. You can also read reviews of the band left by people who have booked them in the past.


If you're stuck on what sort of entertainment to have at your wedding, the best solution might be to reach out to an agency that specializes in booking live music, such as Entertainment Nation. They can help you understand the various options available, like jazz, soul, indie, and more. Furthermore, they'll provide recommendations and tips on how to properly vet bands before hiring them.

There are many other genres, some of them quite specialized. When choosing a live act, consider that if the couple has a particular taste for jazz or classical, then the perfect fit for their wedding reception may be a band that specialises in these genres.

the pedal tones folk lineup outside in chester


To avoid disasters, make sure to book a seasoned wedding band that has performed at similar venues before. Also, check if they have a diverse set list with songs from various genres; this way, all your guests can enjoy the music regardless of their taste! Many bands often focus on one particular style to show off their talents and specialization. However, you should make sure that there's enough variety in their performance for everyone to enjoy.

photo looking across the crowd towards the pedal tones at a village hall wedding

Our band, The Pedal Tones, specializes in a mix of pop, hip-hop, rock, indie, and more. We tend to find we end up performing at weddings that fit our style and look. Some couples try to save money by booking pub or local bands for their wedding instead of a DJ or established wedding band. You can choose whatever you like – but it’s important not to skimp on your live music.

Hiring a professional band for your wedding guarantees that your event will run smoothly, adhere to any restrictions, and get everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor. A wedding performance is very different from playing at a pub or local bar--so make sure you hire the best! You won't regret it!


If the happy couple has a specific song in mind that they want to dance to on their big day, many live bands that cater to weddings will be more than happy to include it in their setlist.

The Pedal Tones are an experienced live band that specializes in wedding entertainment and we would be more than happy to learn and perform any requested first dance song. If you’re not planning on having a first dance for whatever reason, we’re also happy to learn a special request instead!

There are some songs that everyone knows and loves, while others may be unknown but hold a special meaning to the couple getting married. We’ve learned and performed both types of songs and know how to make every moment special!


For your big day, most couples dream of the idea of hearing their first dance song performed live by a band. If you have the option to do this, check with your band if they are willing and able to learn a special song for you. It can be an incredibly special moment for you and your loved ones!

If your band tells you they can't play it live, ask if they could add it to their DJ set! Sometimes the first dance might not suit a particular lineup, or the original song might be so well known it’s better to just play that! We’re always happy to advise in these situations!


If a band is more dedicated and invested in their work, they will be more likely to take your wedding day seriously.

As we stated earlier, you may only book entertainment and wedding music once in your lifetime.

Bands that aren't prepared to put forth the extra effort or haven't invested in themselves shouldn't even be considered an option for your big day.

We feel extremely lucky to be selected to play music at someone's wedding or venue in Cheshire or North Wales. It is truly an honor to be a part of your special day!

We believe it is important that you get to know your band and establish a rapport before making a decision. You will want people around on your big day who align with your vision and who you actually enjoy being around! This is why we offer free phone and video consultations and no-obligation quotes to make sure you have the right information and have time to make the decision!

bridal and groomsmen posing with the pedal tones' instruments


A tribute band might be a fun option for some couples who want to add an extra touch of fandom to their wedding reception. However, it's important not only to consider your love for the group when making this decision but also to keep in mind what kind of atmosphere you're trying to create with your overall wedding theme and if your guests will enjoy the music as well.

Would a tribute band make your wedding guests happy? Check with any potential tribute bands to see if they can sing songs from outside of their specific genre. When booking, choose wedding musicians with versatility and event experience.



The next step is to decide which atmosphere you want.

First, think about how the style of music from the live band will correspond with the venue's theme. You can set the mood by selecting a band that will play well in your chosen location.

bokeh photo of a microphone in merrydale manor

If you have a large space to fill and want hundreds of guests, consider an amplified band. If it's a more low-key affair, then a smaller acoustic outfit is better suited. However, if you're using an old stately home,a string quartet might fit the bill; that is if the bride & groom enjoy classical music.

Speak with your agency and wedding venue for potential band recommendations who may make a great fit for your ceremony, drinks reception, and full day. Without sounding biased, we offer full-day packages including acoustic musicians, DJ sets, and full on rocking evening entertainment!


Some wedding venues might have restrictions that you should be aware of. For example, there might not be enough space for the band to set up, or there might be issues with loading gear into the venue.

Some wedding venues now have sound limiters, which cuts the power to the live band if their noise output exceeds a certain decibel limit. It's wise to check with the band in advance and make sure they are aware of any sound limiters at the venue, and that they have the equipment and knowledge necessary to deal with any potential problems sound limiters may pose. For more information on this topic, check out our handy guide here.


Lastly, make sure to pick a band that doesn't break the bank! If there's a specific band you want but they are slightly out of your price range, don't fret. It's possible that they could modify their act to better suit your budget. For example, by reducing the number of musicians or playing an acoustic set instead.

Hiring a wedding band through an event agency may cost more, but you'll get peace of mind and other services in return. To save money, book with the band directly, but research them thoroughly first by checking social media pages, reviews, and videos.


At The Pedal Tones, we want to make booking a band easy and stress-free. That's why we offer optional daytime acoustic sets, a free playlist service for your evening celebrations, and more.

If you're new to booking bands, always ask about what else they can offer to sweeten the deal! We're happy to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

Hiring your wedding band should be an exciting process! If you need help finding the right band for your big day, or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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