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Where are we going to put a band!?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

This a question we get asked a lot, especially for people who’ve got limited space at their venue. But luckily, being a 3 piece band, we can squeeze into pretty much anywhere. We’ve played massive stages, down to living rooms and kitchens! Our experience and setup allows us to be flexible with how much space we need, so don’t worry if you’ve only got limited space for a band.

In real terms, the best workable space for us is around 2.5m meters by 2.5m meters. This allows us to have space to rock out, and plenty of room for the speakers, amplifiers and the light setup.

A standard wedding setup with all of the lights, speakers, etc!

However we can squeeze into much smaller spaces if we need to, please see the pictures below to give you an idea of how small we can go!

A Condensed band setup in a front room!

Bringing an electric drum kit can also save us some valuable space if we’re really needing to squeeze in!

If space is at an absolute premium we can also swap the drum kit out altogether for a Cajon and play with more an acoustic vibe.

Using a Cajon and getting the acoustic out can save some space!

Our acoustic duo for the daytime can fit in wherever we’re needed! We have the option to bring a wireless speaker meaning we’re not limited by power sockets, and it also means we can move around to different rooms if you’ve got different things happening in your venue.

Please don’t be disheartened if you’d like a band for your event or wedding but only have limited space! We’re able to accommodate pretty much any situation, so please get in touch and we can get planning!

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