6 Reasons You Should Book The Pedal Tones for Your Big Day!

Updated: Jan 6

Here’s 6 reasons why you book The Pedal Tones for your big day!

1) It’s a Bespoke Experience

On one of the best and most memorable days of your life, it’s important to have a band that will help create the evening of your dreams. We’ll spend time planning with you to discuss the setlist, the music for the reception, or the special music as you walk down the aisle. We’ll leave you confident that you’ve got a show uniquely tailored to your big day!

2) We’ll make memories that you won’t forget!

We’re so much more memorable than a simple ‘Wedding playlist,’ played via a DJ or speakers. We can offer more unique interaction with your guests, uniting them in a way that a DJ would struggle to do. Whether it’s running round with the wireless guitars, soliciting sing-offs or letting a party member join us for a number, we’ll ensure the party stays on everyone’s minds for years to come!

3) We can advise with planning

Each one of us has been doing this for years, and we’ve played at hundreds of weddings. We’ll help you with the planning of the music every step of the way, whether it’s the times of our performance, or when it’s best to have the prerecorded music take over for a while.

4) We can take care of the music all day

With the acoustic duo option, you can sit back and relax and know that we’ll be there to take care of the music from start to finish. We’ll sort out the music from the moment we arrive, whether this is at your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast. We’ll have our playlist service with the pre-recorded music to take care of any gaps, and we’ll be on hand all day to take care of any requests!

5) We’ll save you hiring a DJ separately

Unsure as to whether to book a live band due to the extra cost? We’ve got you covered with our playlist service. We’ll take care of the music before we play, in between our sets and after we finish by providing the music through our speakers. We’ll do any important announcements for you (cutting of the cake, or letting your guests know about the start of the first dance) and make sure you get to hear your favourite party tunes! This is a totally free service with no hidden charges too!

6) We can go with the flow

We’ll be as flexible and supportive as possible on your wedding day. If you have any last-minute changes, or you’re running late, we can adapt to your schedule, or make announcements between songs to let guests know what’s going on.

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