How far do you travel...?

Updated: Jan 6

How far do you travel?

Even though we’re based in Chester, we play weddings and corporate events all over the country. Basically, we’re happy to travel anywhere to bring The Pedal Tones party! We’re not afraid to jump in a van and put some miles in behind the wheel!

Van ready for a trip down to Devon!

Travel Costs

Our quote includes travel within 50 miles of Chester. This means most places in Liverpool, Manchester, Wrexham and North Wales are covered. Have a look at the map at the bottom of the page, or drop us an email to check if you’re unsure.

Wandering further!

If your wedding is further away, we may need to add some fuel costs. This is charged at 45p a mile (the current tax-free mileage allowance). If the venue is more than a couple of hours drive away, we’ll need to add in some overnight accommodation costs. We can provide the accommodation quote ourselves, or if you get discount with your venue please let us know and we can adjust the quote accordingly.

Playing abroad

We’re happy to travel beyond the UK if you’d like us for your wedding! All of us are lucky enough to have played music abroad and have plenty of experience working out the logistics of moving equipment and planning out the trip. Please get in touch and we can provide a detailed breakdown of our quote, including travel fees, equipment hire (if applicable) fuel costs, accommodation etc.



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