What we do on your big day!

Updated: Jan 6

Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

This blog post will tell you all the details about what we do at your event, from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being efficient during set up, sound check and ensuring we work with you and the venue so that everything runs on time and smoothly. So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, The Pedal Setup.


Before we leave

So before we leave our beloved homes and make our way to your beautiful venue of choice, we do one thing, ensure we have all the correct information for the gig and everything is loaded into the car .... you don't want to be a 100 miles away without a guitar! The information I'm referring to are - the timings of the day, point of contact, setlist (if its specifically been chosen by the client) and any other important info we may need at the gig! Then it's down to our trusty satnav and leaving with contingency time! We may be a wedding band in the North West but we have gigged all over so we know we have to beat the traffic.


Once we have arrived at your venue we will liaise with a member of staff to show us where we need to set up or to find out the time we can get into the room to set up. Once we have quickly loaded into the room and set up we will perform a sound check. The sound check is very important as this ensures that all the instruments are balanced and the drums aren't overpowering the vocals. We can be very quick at setting up and our record is 20 minutes - this was super quick set up because the venue was running behind, ideally we'd like 1 hour to get everything done and ensure the best sound.

Once all of this is done and you are free to talk, we let you know everything is ready and that we can't wait to play! Usually we eat at this point as we need to be fuelled to play our first set. We'll then chill in a greenroom until it is time for a good old rock show!


This is our favourite bit of the night, we're set, we've eaten and it's time to rock the stage and party hard! We can't really put our performances into words but we won't be stood on stage trying to get through the set. We'll be rocking out on stage, coming into the crowd and playing guitar solo's with your guests and having an all round good time! If you can see us at a public gig you'll see the energy we put into our live shows and how much time we have spent perfecting our set. We have played gigs where we just don't want to stop or just don't stop as everyone is wanting more! This is such a humbling feeling and we can't thank you enough by wanting us to keep rocking out. It shows us that the work we have put in is so worthwhile!

Pack Down

What a sad part of the night this is! We've stopped playing and it's time to pack down all our gear. This can be very quick to do but normally guests will want to talk to us and we love chatting to you guys so it can take a bit longer. A happy client is all we want so if you want to chat to us, please come over. Once everything is packed away we say our goodbyes and try to remember how we loaded the car so well on the way here and now theres no space for our drummer .... TAXI!!! We honestly struggle to sleep when we're home as we are just so full of adrenaline, whiskey helps to be fair.


Music is our passion and without it we'd be lost. As music lovers you guys give us the opportunity to make a living doing what we love. The money we make just goes straight back into the band, promo material, marketing, wedding shows and so much more. We won't stop until we have taken over the world .... or the north west. Thank you again, I know I put this at the end of most blog posts but we really wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for you guys! Now go listen to your favourite band/artist and enjoy the magical thing that is music.

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