What we need on your big day!

This guide will hopefully give you some useful insight to make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day!


Before the big day

We’ll give you a call to run through everything in advance. We can sort out setlists and what time we’re playing (link to blog here) as well as the details if we’re playing your first dance or during the day for ceremony etc. We can also have a chat about some of the other things below!

Food and drink

We’ll need some food if we’re playing in evening. We’re happy to have the evening buffet, or if you’re having something else in the evening we can have that too. It’s best if we can eat before we play, but we understand this isn’t always possible. If we’re performing as the acoustic duo during the day we’ll also need food during the afternoon too. We’re happy to eat at separate times if we’re playing during your wedding breakfast!

We’ll also need to stay hydrated throughout the day! We’ll get water from the venue, but access to soft drinks and tea/coffee is always appreciated!

Somewhere to store equipment

We need a safe place somewhere to put our empty cases and spare gigging essentials in the venue. It doesn’t need to be a fancy or big room, just somewhere secure where the gear is out of the way! We can talk to the venue about this ourselves beforehand but it’s something to bear in mind!

Parking spaces

We’ll need somewhere to park our cars/van after we’ve unloaded our equipment. Again we can liaise with the venue beforehand, but please let us know if there’s anything that could be an issue!

Time for load in and soundcheck

After we’ve arrived and unloaded, we’ll need around 45 minutes to setup our equipment and get ready for our performance. We’ll speak to you and your venue beforehand to get everything planned in and make sure everything runs smoothly. As soon as we’re setup, we’ll get some background music playing through our speakers whilst your guests arrive up until we play. Please note soundcheck times for the acoustic duo are much shorter!

During the performance

This is the bit where you can party! We’ll just need some water from the venue to keep us hydrated, but we’ll make sure you and your guests are on your feet all night long!


Once we’ve finished the last song, whether it’s on the PA or we’ve played it live, we’ll need some to pack everything down again. This usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour again to get everything sorted!


We understand that every wedding is different, so if you require something more specific please drop us a line!

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